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most popular and loved dishes for christmas

Most Popular and Loved Dishes for Christmas

Christmas is a celebration time with love, sharing, bonding and above all great treats. This is the time for friends and family to join in the celebration. Be it a quite dinner with loved ones or a rocking party, Christmas also means good food and delicious recipes. There are certain popular dishes that are made […]

expert pasta cooking tips for all

Expert Pasta Cooking Tips for all

Pasta is believed to be an Italian invention but it is actually the Chinese who have given birth to the idea of noodles and is almost 4,000 years old. The Romans simply added their magic by replacing the base from rice flour ingredient to semolina flour. The making of pasta has still maintained the traditional […]

wholesome benefits of low carb soup recipes

Wholesome Benefits of Low Carb Soup Recipes

Low-carb soup has a remarkable effect on weight loss. Abdominal fat is a threat to health and causes problems in metabolism. Low-carb soup plays a vital role in reducing this fat. Triglycerides in the blood are responsible for heart diseases and low-carb soup helps in lowering the level of theses triglycerides. Low-carb diets being rich […]

delectable dishes with wine as an ingredient

Delectable Dishes with Wine as an Ingredient

Sometimes after a party, there are left over wine in the house which you do not wish to drink, but do not want to throw away either. You may wonder as to how to use them. For your information, you can use the wine for cooking too, that way you do not have to waste […]