Christmas is a celebration time with love, sharing, bonding and above all great treats. This is the time for friends and family to join in the celebration. Be it a quite dinner with loved ones or a rocking party, Christmas also means good food and delicious recipes. There are certain popular dishes that are made during this time that also have close connection to the traditions and rituals of Christmas. Here is a list of some of the most popular dishes you can make for this occasion.

most popular and loved dishes for christmas

Some Popular Dishes to Cook for Christmas

When you prepare your Christmas menu, make sure you keep some traditionally popular dishes in the list. Here are a few ideas that might help you decide what to cook

Roasted Meat

Christmas dinner seem incomplete with some kind of roasted meat. To bring in the traditional factor, you can try sausage and dry fruit stuffed pig roast. Adding dry fruit like walnut, apricots etc., and a special type of sausage, namely Catalan cured, to the spicy roast ensures the dish to be an instant hit with most people.

The Veggie Delight

Apart from the meat item, it is always prudent to keep a vegetarian option for your vegetarian friend or relative. This year, you can make them a cauliflower and goat cheese gratin, which is not too difficult to make, and tastes absolutely brilliant.


For salad, you can choose a unique one, green bean and blood orange salad. The salad has balsamic vinegar dressing, which reduces the juice. Not only the salad tastes great and is easy to make, it also looks quite attractive with the colors put together.

Christmas Special Desserts

How can a Christmas dinner be complete without a nice dessert? This is also the perfect time when you can surprise everyone by making a perfect sticky toffee pudding. With some spiced rum and dates, the dish tastes heavenly and is guaranteed to earn its maker a huge round of appreciation.


Eggnogs are another specialty of the holiday season. But you can add an amount of uniqueness to your eggnog when you make eggnogs with egg substitutes, vanilla extract and skim milk. They are also a healthier option for the health conscious members of your group.


Last and not the least bake some cakes to add to the Christmas cheer. Choose rum and fruit cake or simple fruit cake according to your preference and make sure the cake that you choose turns out perfectly.

With this list of wonderful food and drinks, you are all set to have a fabulous Christmas day.


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