Mexican cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in the world and also a delicious one. Authentic Mexican food needs certain specialized equipments which can help lend that taste and appearance to the recipes.  The cuisine requires not just grilling but also steaming and frying and in order to perform these processes with success, you need certain items and tools in your kitchen. The following are the 6 most essential cooking equipment for Mexican cooking.

1. Comal


This is a kitchen equipment which you will find in all Mexican households. It is basically a flat griddle which is used to grill and roast food. It can be used for roasting tortillas, chillies, quesadillas, nuts and spices etc.  This kind of a pan plays a big role in lending your Mexican food a certain signature flavour.

2. Tortilla Press/Maker


Another essential cooking equipment you will need for Mexican cooking is a tortilla press or tortilla maker. This is a cast iron electrical tortilla press which can be used to prepare Mexican bread or tortillas.  It has two cast iron plates hinged with one another and you can simply place the bread in between them to press it and roast it.

3. Tamale Steamer

tamale steamer

Another equipment you will need to cook Mexican food is a tamale steamer. This equipment is used for making corn masa, meat filling and corn husk to wrap it.  This equipment is used for steaming other kinds of foods as well besides tamale.  It especially proves handy when you need to steam bulk quantities of foods.

4. Molcajete and Tejolote

molcajete and tejolote

This equipment is basically a mortar and pestle which is used to crush various kinds of ingredients like spices. It is made by cutting volcanic rocks and has a rough surface which helps to grind things perfectly.  The flavours released through it are special and signature of the Mexican cuisine.

5. Molinillo


This is a traditional Mexican tool which can simply be called as a hot chocolate frother. It helps to make desserts and other chocolate based dishes in the Mexican cuisine and is a wooden and decorative tool.

6. Cazo De Cobre

cazo de cobre

This is another name for a copper pot which is used to make many kinds of Mexican recipes. It is mostly used in the preparation of foods like cajitas, carnitas and many desserts as well. It too is an essential if you wish to prepare a complete Mexican meal.


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