Who doesn’t love desserts? Well you don’t always have to venture out to a good restaurant or spend hours in the kitchen to get your hands on tasty desserts. There are many incredible recipes and dessert tips that can help you create yummy sweets in a matter of a few minutes. Yes, these quick desserts are ideal when guests drop in unexpectedly or when you suddenly feel like having something sweet. The following are the top 10 quick dessert recipes to try.desserts to take care of your sweet tooth


Easy Chocolate Fondants

This dessert takes just a few minutes to prepare and is one which no one ever said no to. There is little possibility of going wrong with it if you measure the ingredients correct.

Baked Pears with Honey and Juniper

If you have some pears, a little honey and juniper at home, then this gorgeous dessert can be a hit! It will make you play the perfect hostess after a lovely meal.

Chocolate Chip Scones

This dessert isn’t only for after dinners or meals but works well with tea and coffee as well. It looks cute and little but has a blast of flavour and taste in it.

Mini Lemon Meringue Pies

If your guests have more of a sour tooth than a sweet one, then this dessert will be extremely loved. It doesn’t only look perfect on serving plates but makes for a healthy one as well.

Pistachios Brownies

Brownies are the safest desserts to serve to people and are also quick to prepare. But adding pistachios for the extra bit of taste only improves the dish.

Viennese Fingers

These are perfect sweet treats for you and your guests and go well along with tea and coffee. They are more of a savoury-sweet kind of a dessert which kids love immensely.

Sweet Mini Lemon Tartlets

These tartlets are easy to make if you have a pack of canapés at home and look brilliant as well.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcake

This is a Mexican dessert which can prove to be a great comfort food on chilly nights.

Apple Waffle Sundae

Easy to make and extremely delicious, this dessert is a hit among both kids and adults. It can be prepared in a matter of minutes if you have the ingredients in place.

Spicy orange cranberry wrap cake-this dessert definitely satisfies all your chocolate and cake cravings and is lovely to present to guests.


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