Spanish cuisine has always been one of the most popular ones in the world and is known for its combination of flavours, textures, crunch and style of cooking.  If you are someone who wants to give some Spanish hits a try, then you must try out some classic recipes which are not only easy to make but also easily available at restaurants. The following is a list of the top 5 Spanish dishes everyone must try once in their lifetime.

1. Croquettes


This is one of the most popular Spanish dishes and you will be able to find it in almost all Spanish restaurants. Over the years, this dish has evolved a lot and you will find many variants of it across the world and even across local restaurants.  This dish has cheese at its centre and goes well as a snacking and a main course item.

2. Tortilla Espaniola

tortilla espaniola

This dish makes for an excellent starter or meal for breakfast. It also goes well in lunch or dinner and can be found in almost every Spanish bar or restaurant. It comes in many varying degrees of flavour and quality and adds a lot of punch in terms or its crunch and flavour.  It can easily be made at homes since readymade tortilla packs are also available these days.

3. Gazpacho or Salmorejo

gazpacho or salmorejo

This is a cold tomato soup in the Spanish cuisine which not only finds place in restaurants but also in supermarkets.  It has a tangy and refreshing flavour which makes it a lovely appetizer.  You can have it in a bowl or a glass and the signature thickness makes it a wonderful food of the Spanish cuisine.  It can be garnished through green peppers, fresh tomatoes, garlic, onions, vinegar and herbs.

4. Pisto-Spanish Ratatouille

This is a lovely Spanish vegetarian dish which works as a lovely starter. It  works as a side to meats and also comes in many variants, one of which is with a fried egg on top. This dish is known for its roasted flavour and strong textures.

5. Cured Meats

Spanish cuisine is incomplete without cured meats-chorizo, jamon and salchichon.  If you are a meat lover then you must definitely try these meats out which are prepared using special techniques and tricks. You will find them in all top Spanish restaurants and in many variations.


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