Martini is one of the most popular cocktails around the world and is also a classy drink.  It comes in an elegant cocktail glass, it simple and very clean. But inspite of its popularity, most of us do not know how to order it. Since it is available in many flavours and several variations, it is easy to be confused and order the wrong combination.

Martini is a simple cocktail made of gin and vermouth and is usually garnished with a lemon peel or green olive.  But many varying ingredients too are used and this makes ordering a little tricky. However, the following given tips on how to order a martini like a pro would prove useful to you.

Tips to Order Martini like a ProD0ry martini

This is that type of a martini cocktail which has less vermouth content and often doesn’t have any at all. So if you do not like vermouth that much or only in small proportions, what you need to order is a dry martini.

Wet Martini

As the name suggests, ordering a wet martini on the other hand means that you like more content of vermouth in your drink. This drink has more vermouth content than the standard five to one ratio.

Dirty Martini

A dirty martini is a popular version of a martini drink and uses olive juice or olive brine to give you that added kick. If you love olives, then this will be a perfect drink for you.

Martini with a Twist

This is yet another version of a martini and as the name very well suggests, it comes with a lemon instead of olives. The lime adds a slightly tangy flavour to the drink which many love.

The Gibson

If you are a fan of onions, then this version of martini will pleasure your taste buds. This drink is served with a cocktail onion.

Shaken vs. Stirred

People often get confused when they are asked whether they want their martini to be shaken or stirred. A shaken martini is one which is mixed using a cocktail shaker with ice whereas on the other hand, a stirred martini is one which is simply stirred using a stirrer.

So now that you know all about martinis, you should be able to order the perfect drink for yourself without any hesitation. So go one, order your drink like a pro from next time.


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