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cold smoking in cooking

Hot VS Cold Smoking in Cooking

Smoking is a common technique used in cooking, especially for meat. Cold smoking is a technique where you smoke the meat with your favourite flavor after the meat is cooked whereas in hot smoking, your flavor and the meat cook simultaneously. Both of them add up flavor to the food and many restaurants served smoked […]


Must to Try Dishes At a Japanese Restaurant

Whenever we visit Japanese restaurants, most of us only try Sushi as they are the most talked about Japanese dish but we need to understand that Japanese cuisine is a lot more than this. Japanese food is very nutritious and contains fresh and seasonal ingredients. Hence, you should explore the menu at a Japanese restaurant. […]

fruit salad

Enjoy your Evening with Best BBQ Salads

Barbecue dinners are a perfect idea to spend some quality time with your friends and family. Whenever there is a special occasion, party or get together on weekends, we head towards planning for a barbecue party in our backyards but after a time we are bored with the same old grilled barbecue menu and hence, […]

fondant VS marzipan

Fondant VS Marzipan

Fondant and Marzipan are products used for decorating cakes by making different patterns of them. If you see different articles like flowers, human figures, animals and other decorations on themed cakes, they are made up of either fondant or marzipan. Fondant is a type of frosting which is pliable and marzipan is a paste which […]