Barbecue dinners are a perfect idea to spend some quality time with your friends and family. Whenever there is a special occasion, party or get together on weekends, we head towards planning for a barbecue party in our backyards but after a time we are bored with the same old grilled barbecue menu and hence, we can add some yummy salads to the menu.

These salads would work great as sides and would make your guests fall in love with the barbecue party hosted by you and they would not wait for you to organize it again.

Read more to know about the simple and best barbecue salad recipes:

Pasta Salad

pasta salad

Boil the required amount of Macaroni by adding some salt to it. While the macaroni is boiling, grill some sweet corn side by side. You can add a little butter or cooking oil for taste. Also grill some broccoli for taste. Mix the three ingredients and add some olive oil as a salad dressing.

Macaroni and Sausages Salad

macaroni and sausages salad

This is a heavy and filling salad everyone would love. Boil some macaroni and grill some sausages. Cut the sausages and mix both the ingredients. Grate some goat cheese and melt it in a microwave oven so that a cheese sauce is formed. Add this sauce as a dressing to this yummy salad everyone would love and cherish.

Corn Salad

corn salad

Boil some sweet corn. Chop tomatoes, basil, coriander and onions. Mix all these ingredients and add sweet onion sauce to the salad as a dressing. This is a perfect salad for those who do not prefer meat in their sides.

Fruit Salad

fruit salad

Pick your favourite fruits and chop them into small pieces. Take some apple and milk and mix it together to form a paste which is thick enough for dressing the salad. This way, you can avoid using processed cream and make one on your own. Mix all of this and enjoy this sweet salad. You can also add a pinch of salt for taste.

Grilled Corn Salad

grilled corn salad

Grill some corn so that it gets a smoky flavor. Add some chopped cherry tomatoes to the corn kernels and mix it well. Now, put some vegetable oil, add chopped coriander and mix this salad well. You can also add boiled potatoes in order to make this salad little filling.

These salad recipes would definitely help you add up the spice to your usual barbecue party and make your guests happy.


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