Fondant and Marzipan are products used for decorating cakes by making different patterns of them. If you see different articles like flowers, human figures, animals and other decorations on themed cakes, they are made up of either fondant or marzipan. Fondant is a type of frosting which is pliable and marzipan is a paste which is made by rounding almonds. It is not really possible to tell the difference in the taste of both; you can now know the difference between both by reading below so that you can figure out which one would be better for your requirements.

fondant VS marzipan


  • The frosting made for decorating cakes with different patterns is known as fondant.
  • It has several types which can be either poured on cakes to cover it totally or a little thicker form which can be converted to different shapes. It is almost like clay.
  • Fondant is made up of a mixture of sugar and water which is beaten to creamy texture.
  • Rolled form of fondant is a gelatin that contain sugar and which helps the decoration shapes stay in place.


  • The most common type of marzipan is the one which is made by mixing sugar and ground almonds with water in order to make a paste.
  • It is used to make different shapes and patterns on cakes.
  • Marzipan is also used to make candies which are of shapes of different fruits and animals.
  • It is possible to dye marzipan to any colors and hence a wide range of decorative objects can be made with the help of this.

Difference Between Fondant and Marzipan

  • Fondant consists of water and sugar and thus tastes sweeter than marzipan as the latter also contains almonds, which decrease the sweetness of the paste.
  • Fondant can be rolled into any shape and also poured on cakes and hence it is possible to make more shapes and patterns with fondants. Marzipan can be used to make simple objects like fruits and small animal figures on cakes or candies.
  • Fondant is a better alternative for decorating cakes which are white as it is impossible to make marzipan completely white as it consists of almonds.
  • Fondant contains gelatin and hence, the icing stays stable when it is rolled in different forms in order to decorate the cakes.
  • Fondant tastes better than marzipan as it contains only water and sugar.
  • It is better to use fondant for cakes and marzipan for candies and different shapes of fruits and animals.


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