Smoking is a common technique used in cooking, especially for meat. Cold smoking is a technique where you smoke the meat with your favourite flavor after the meat is cooked whereas in hot smoking, your flavor and the meat cook simultaneously.

Both of them add up flavor to the food and many restaurants served smoked dishes these days. Below given are the main differences between hot smoking and cold smoking so that the next time you go somewhere and the menu says ‘smoked’ you know how your food is exactly being made or else, you can yourself try smoking food.

cold smoking in cooking

Cold Smoking

  • Cold Smoking is the technique where food is smoked with flavour at lower temperatures.
  • Cold smoked products are held in a chamber which is unheated where the smoke is pumped.
  • If you want a smoky flavor for foods which do not require to be cooked, like butter, cheese or salads, you can use the cold smoking technique.
  • Cold smoking allows the absorption of the wanted flavor externally and the flavor does not really go into the foodstuffs.
  • When you use the cold smoking technique, you need little tips as there are no temperature concerns needed.
  • Cold smoking is easier to perform.
  • Cold smoking is ideal for smoking fruits and salads which cannot be cooked.

Hot Smoking

  • Hot smoking is the technique where you are flavouring and cooking the ingredients simultaneously and hence, it is necessary for the temperature to be between 165 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because bacteria breed fast in temperatures lesser than these.
  • Hot smoked products are smoked in the chamber as the burning wood because it is done along with the cooking procedure itself.
  • Hot smoked products are said to have less nutritional value as the nutrients burn off while the procedure of smoking. Hence, chefs are now coming up with innovative techniques to restore the nutrition.
  • Hot Smoking has given meat cooking a new face and a lot of new dishes have been invented because of this technique.
  • This procedure allows the chef to give maximum possible flavor to the meat.
  • It is less time consuming compared to cold smoking as cooking and smoking takes place at the same time.

You can learn more about the recipes which involve hot and cold smoking and cook your dishes. This technique helps the chef save a lot of ingredients needed for the purpose of flavouring as well.


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