Whenever we visit Japanese restaurants, most of us only try Sushi as they are the most talked about Japanese dish but we need to understand that Japanese cuisine is a lot more than this. Japanese food is very nutritious and contains fresh and seasonal ingredients. Hence, you should explore the menu at a Japanese restaurant. Below are some of the dishes which you can try whenever you visit a Japanese Restaurant the next time:



Ramen or egg noodles are one of the most famous meals of Japan. It is available in four types: Pork Bone, Miso, Soy sauce and salt. It is one of the most widely imported foods of Japan as well.



Unagi is an eel grilled on a charcoal, dressed with sweet barbecue sauce. It would be a delight for seafood lovers and it also helps the body stay cool during summers. It is a traditional food of Japan and the freshest Unagi is available between May to October.



It is a light and fluffy dish. It is batter coated seafood or vegetables deep fried in oil, served with soy sauce or salt. Tempura prawns are most famous of it and hence you should indeed not miss out on trying it out. It is not at all spicy and hence you can have it without any worries.


Kaiseki is a type of buffet of different variety of dishes and they are famous for being served on some of the most beautiful traditional Japanese crockery. Only fresh and seasonal ingredients are used to make each and every dish of the Kaiseki.



The name seems to be quite funny, but Shabu-Shabu is one of the yummiest dishes you would ever have. It is made up of thin slices of beef or pork which is placed in a bubbling broth where it cooks itself. It is a wonderful dish for those who love semi-cooked meat.



Soba are long wheat noodles. It has been a staple food for the Japanese people for a very long time. These noodles are served in Soy Sauce flavor on a bamboo mat with a broth for dipping. If you love dishes containing yummy broth, you can indeed try these out.

This list of Japanese dishes is indeed a treasure for those who love to try out new foods and explore world cuisines.


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