Wines are often considered for drinking purposes but they too have an edible side. When punched with certain dishes they bring balance, fruit and acidity that enhance the taste of the food. There are many types of wine available in the market that may be good for cooking and some may be containing added preservatives and salts that may affect your health. But to get the best out of the wine in you dishes you must know how much amount and when to add to avoid unwanted taste in your food. Since wines also get cooked during the cooking process so timing is very important for adding them.


Below are certain names of wine which are good for cooking and will add flavor to your food:

  1. Crisp white wine such as Pint Grigio- Add it in some of your crispy dishes to add a flavor to it.
  2. Sherry- Dash some sherry in a pot of chicken and cauliflower soup. It also brings depth to a cream sauce and is a brilliant appetizer.
  3. Marsala- Try this dry wine in braised preparation or you can use it in the decadent Italian dessert, zabaglione.
  4. Sparkling wine- It is a great substitute for dry, white wine in beurre blanc. It is also perfectly suited for Champagne, vinaigrette or a sorbet.
  5. Madeira- Add it in a sauce for classic Beef Wellington, as a savory addition to gravy is a great idea.
  6. Shiraz- Pair it up with braised lamb shanks with root vegetable puree.
  7. Zinfandel- Add it up in the duck breast with pomegranate citrus glaze recipe.
  8. Cabernet blend- It exhibits notes of dark cherry, clove, vanilla, sage and a touch of cedar. Well added with beef stew.
  9. Grenache blend- They are a perfect sip on and fabulous with savory dishes. Try it with slow cooked boeuf bourguignon.
  10. Carmenere- Goes great with roasted vegetables and is most enjoyed. Also goes with sweet and spicy roasted carrots, parsnips, and chickpeas.
  11. Merlot- It showcases the notes of spice, dark blueberry and blackberry fruits and smoke. Better paired with roasted potatoes with bacon and Brussels sprouts.

These wines when added to the food will give it a whole new taste that will blow your taste buds and will also gives you a new recipe with a different taste. Enjoy the wines separately with food and along with food and both will leave you ask for more.


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