Not everyone has powdered sugar in their kitchens. People who have it too, often complain that when they actually use it, which is not too often, they tend to use a large quantity of it, thereby making the dish too sweet. It is also not too good for health. So what do you do when you have to make a dessert or bake a cake but have no powdered sugar? Here are some recipes you can follow to make some lovely powder sugar free icings.


Icing Recipes without powdered Sugar

If you are looking for recipes that will not need powdered sugar you need not look any further.

  • Recipe of chocolate butter cream frosting– This is a very easy recipe and takes a little bit of time to make. In a bowl take 1 steak of butter in a molten condition, add one third cup of honey, a quarter cup of cocoa powder, and one tea spoon of vanilla and beat them well, until they become a smooth mix. After it is mixed properly, let it rest in the refrigerator for some times. Your chocolate butter cream frosting is ready for use.
  • Birthday cupcake frosting recipe- Another quick and easy recipe for birthday cupcakes. Mix half cup of flour with one cup of sugar in a bowl. Then add one third cup of milk to it, and blend properly. Put it in a sauce pan and heat it properly while stirring continuously, or else it may burn. You can add some food coloring to it, and mix well. In fact you can separate portions and add various colors to it. Lay down the paste to get it cooled down. In a pot take some butter without salt and mix it with vanilla beans. Add this with the colored paste and beat it properly till it is light enough for icing. Use them on cupcakes.
  • Filling and frosting of two layer cake recipe- You can make both the filling and the frosting of a double layer cake by using this recipe. Take a cup of milk and two tablespoon of flour and mix well, and then heat it while stirring continuously. Mix butter, normal sugar, and vanilla in a bowl. Add the milk that is already made thick and beat properly until the whole thing looks like whipped cream.

These are some recipes for icing or frosting without powdered sugar that you can follow.


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