Japan has the greatest number of centenarians in the world and many believe diet is the secret weapon for people. Sushi food is one of the most popular Japanese traditions. Here are 5 things you should know all about sushi.


5 Things worth knowing about eating sushi


What is Sushi?

Sushi is a Japanese dish which is served by vinegary rice with seafood, egg, and vegetables. With these combinations, small rolls or small balls are prepared and served. This Japanese food taste great when made with a perfect rice quality.

5 Things you need to know about eating sushi

  1. Sushi Sauce
    Pour soy sauce into the dipping bowl. You should never use too much soy sauce as this can be seen as insulting to the chef.
  1. Eating techniques
    Sushi can be eaten with fingers or with chopsticks. Use the oshibori to wipe your hands between bites if necessary. Sushi is ordered as a main course or as the next to last dish, prior to desserts.
  1. Chopsticks
    Sashimi, on the other hand, should be eaten with chopsticks and generally ordered as an entree.
  1. Fish
    Sushi is meant to be eaten upside down. Invert the sushi so that the fish, not the rice, meets the taste buds first. 
  1. How to start
    Start with the lighter dishes like halibut, sea bass, shrimp, them on to the richer dishes like oysters, tuna, clams and finish with the heaviest and richest tuna belly and sea urchin.

After eating a Japanese dinner often enjoy miso soup at the end of the meal for better digestion. So order a bowl of miso soup to drink it directly from the bowl. Also, miso is not intended to be an appetizer. It’s supposed to be ordered after your main course.

Some Extra Things that everyone should know about sushi

  • Contrary to popular belief, sushi does not mean raw fish; sushi means rice seasoned with vinegar, salt and sugar.
  • Japanese people generally eat miso soup at the end of the sushi plate.
  • A sushi chef used to have to complete 10 years of training before working in a restaurant because cooking sushi little tricky. But today due to high demand, many sushi chefs start work after only two years of training and they learn cooking easy sushi at less period of time.
  • Do not leave your sushi chopsticks sticking up in your bowl. This symbolizes offering food for the dead.

How to dip sushi in Sauce?

Do not drench your sushi in soy sauce. You only need a little bit otherwise you will overpower the taste of the actual fish. Many people do not know how to eat sushi, eating sushi is simple, just take the chopstick pick up the sushi, roll it and put the soy on the fish, not on the rice. If you are not comfortable with chopsticks you can eat sushi with your hands.

Now, you know everything about sushi. Today eating sushi is trendy, fun but you should make sure about the hidden calories in sushi and enjoy your sushi dishes.


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