Cooking lobster is not an easy thing, many people do not have an idea how to cook a lobster. Boiling, steaming and grilling is the easy ways to lobsters. During the winter season, lobsters have a hard shell and it takes more time to cook, however, in summer, it takes less time to cook.  In this article, you will know the perfect timings, simple cooking tips and different ways to cook lobsters.
A Complete Guide to Cook Lobster

Times and Tips for cooking lobster

  • If you have never handled live lobster before, keep the bands on. Carefully remove them before cooking. Long full antennae is a goof in your lobster was freshly
  • Cooked properly, the large lobster is every bit as tender and sweet as the smaller ones.
  • A lobster does not scream when cooked, it is just the steam escaping from its shell.
  • Live lobsters are actually a dark bluish green color. They turn red when cooked. To boost the intensity of the red color, you can add few drops of vinegar in the boiling water.
  • A fresh and healthy tail tells you how fresh the lobster is. It will contract and curl when cooked and the tail meat will be somewhat firm, not mushy.
  • A boiling lobster holds the water. So, you need to cut the body and tail with the help of a knife to drain the water.
  • Lobsters are cooked alive or immediately after they are killed.

4 Ways to cook lobster

  1. Boiled Lobster
    Best for cooking 4 or more lobsters at a time. Cooks lobsters more evenly than steaming. High intense heat cooks the meat quickly, making it to easier to remove from the shell.
  2. Steamed Lobster
    A perfect Yields a more tender lobster than boiling. Lobsters are less diluted with water. Makes less a mess. Timing is more accurate since the water returns to a boil faster. Preserves the ocean-fresh taste of lobster.
  3. Grilled lobster or barbecue lobster
    Grilling lobster takes about the same preparation time as the conventional boiling and steaming methods. The real difference is the grill will imbue the smoky flavors of the coals and any marinades or butter. A boiled, steamed or poached lobster can be placed on a grill shell up for 3- 5 minutes before serving.
  4. Poaching and parboiling
    Parboiling is a technique used to cook by balancing the dish. Parboiling cooks the lobster just as much as necessary so that the meat can be removed from its shell. Blanch your lobster if you cannot enjoy it the day it is received or if you need to use the meat in a dish that calls for further cooking. Simply follow instructions for boiling, but cook for about 2-3 minutes. Store lobsters in the shell on their back to prevent loss of juices and dry them out. If the meat is removed store in an airtight container and use within 2-3 days.

Apart from boiling, grilling, steaming lobsters, there are many other lobster recipes, which will help in preparing lobsters in a better, appetizing and healthy way.


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