Gone are those days when knocking on neighbors’ houses saying “trick or treat” used to be called fun. The latest trend in Halloween parties is throwing parties and dressing up in expensive costumes and eating snacks that make it a lot more enjoyable and worth remembering. Halloween’s snacks are basically about giving a spooky feeling to its eater, a haunting feeling that would make the experience more deliciously funnier.
Top 10 Mouth Watering Halloween Party Treats

Listed here are 10 Mouth Watering Halloween Party Treats that can be relished by adults and children:

  1. Monster Mouth: All it takes is two slices of green apple, some peanut butter, and unsalted peanuts. Make sure to arrange them in a way which makes it look like a green monster’s mouth with teeth inside.
  1. Monster Cookies: Cookies can be decorated in thousands of ways. Use your creative side and indulge in creating a face on cookies to scare the kids and adults alike. Let the cream be orange in the shape of a pumpkin and add eyes and mouth using chocolate. 
  1. Spider Burgers: Decorate burger buns with black olives and chopped black olives on the sides. Remember to use 8 olive pieces on the sides to make it look like a real spider! 
  1. Pumpkin Seeds: Roast a cup of pumpkin seeds and use them on food to create eyes or creatures or insects on random treats like cookies or burgers or cakes. Do not forget to sprinkle pepper and salt. Add tomato sauce to make it look like blood. 
  1. Eye Ball: Take a plate, add some ketchup first, place a nicely cut kiwi sleeve on it and add icing to the sides and top it with a cherry or grape. Scare the vegans away with this creative kiwi eye ball. 
  1. Monster Cake: Make sure to add layers of chocolate alternating with other flavor and when done, use icing sugar to decorate the top of the cake by drawing scary faces and ghosts and spooky eyes. 
  1. Pumpkin Tarts: Make them red to scare the crowd. Dip them in red food color to create a chaos. 
  1. Spaghetti Snakes: Make slimy snakes using spaghetti with strands wrapped with each other. Add chopped olives and red sauce or tomato ketchup to make it look bloody. 
  1. Pumpkin Muffins: Why sweet muffins on a scary day? Try something new! Use the scary pumpkin instead. 
  1. Ghost Cookies: Icing sugar does wonders when it comes to Halloween food. Use a thick layer of icing sugar on each cookie in the shape of a ghost and fix two chocolate chips as eyes on top. Add one more and make it look like a nose. If you want to give the ghost a mouth, use a triangular chocolate chip!

Other fun treats and snacks that can be added to this list are zombie’s fingers made using sausage and pumpkin seeds, Shredded Brussel sprouts in roasted pumpkins make it look like worms! Add more fun by using your scary creativity and make it a Halloween worth the time, money and fun!