We all know that buying the fresh vegetables is a tricky thing in case if you do not know what to look for. You should always stick to the farm fresh, seasonal vegetables which are readily available. With these three things all vegetables treat best and you will get all the nutrients from them. Opt for fresh, bright colored vegetables and avoid wilted leaves, brown patches, and braised vegetables.Things you should look before buying vegetables

A Guide to Choose Perfect Vegetables

Below discussed few list of vegetable tips to pick the perfect vegetables.

  1. Artichoke
    Artichoke is available in the month of April and May. Choose plump, globular and compact. Thick, green scales, heavy in relation to size. Should avoid scales that are spreading, scales that have brown areas, scales with mold and grayish black discoloration.
  2. Asparagus
    Available all year, peak time is in spring. Choose closed asparagus with compact tips, smooth, round, rich green spears. Stalks should be almost as far down as the green extends. Do not buy if the tips are open, spread, moldy or decayed. Spears that are ribbed, ridged or nor approximately round. Avoid overly sandy asparagus.
  3. Beans
    Available all year. Choose fresh and bright green, firm and crisp pods. Do not choose pods that are whistled, flabby, blemished, tough, thick or fibrous.
  4. Beets
    Beets are available all the year. Choose firm and round beets with a slender taproot. Rich red color, with a smooth, Do not take if the beets are elongated with round, scaly areas around the top.
  5. Broccoli
    These are available throughout the year. Choose firm, compact but clusters that are dark green or sage green. Should not be able to see the bright yellow flowers. Avoid bud clusters that are spread, enlarged, have water-soaked spots, are yellowish green color or are wilted. Steam that is too thick or too tough.
  6. Brussels sprouts
    Brussels sprouts are available for 10 months; the peak time is October to December. Choose a fresh, bright, green color, tight fitting outer leaves firm body and freedom from blemishes. Avoid sprouts that are wilted flabby, or elongated with round and scaly areas.
  7. Cabbage
    These are available throughout the year. Choose firm or hard heads. Heavy for their size. Fresh and blemish free outer leaves with vibrant color. Stored cabbage might not be green but is okay if not wilted or discolored. Avoid wilted, decayed, worm-eaten or yellowing outer leaves. Avoid dried outer leaves in stored cabbage.
  8. Carrot
    Available all year. Well formed, smooth, well colored and firm. Tops should be fresh and of a good green color. Avoid roots with large green areas at the top.
  9. Cucumbers
    Available all the year. Good green color, firm over the full Not too large in diameter. Do not take if it is turning yellowish and shriveled ends.
  10. Leafy green
    Available all the year. Fresh, young, tender, free, healthy, defect free leaves. Beet tops and red chard show reddish color. Leaves with coarse and fibrous stems, yellowish green color, softness, wilted condition.

Vegetables have high perishability and great in quality. It is therefore important for one to know how to select vegetables and how to buy vegetables of the best quality. Next time if you are going for grocery shopping for buying fresh vegetables, buy organic, fresh and seasonal vegetables.


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