Planning for the best date or a romantic dinner with your loved one? You could cook with your loved one to make it a memorable day. Coming up with a decision to what to make could be a difficult one and determining what wine goes best with food you are planning to make is a tough call. Here are your most romantic food and wine pairings that will leave you more time with your beloved and less time looking over recipes and you can easily win your loved ones heart.
10 Most Romantic Food and Wine Pairings
  1. Mandarin Oranges and Field Green Salad with Goat Cheese Paired with Champagne: Most champagnes have lovely pear and apple flavors that finish with a burst of lemon and goes perfectly with a green salad with fruit toppings. Goat cheese and mandarin oranges can incorporate the creaminess of the cheese and fruity taste. This would be a light and refreshing starter.
  1. Glass of Chardonnay with Crab Arancini: Crab arancini are made with crab and cheesy rice making it the best food to win your loved one’s heart and the best combination with it is a glass of Chardonnay.
  1. Zinfandel with Lamb chops: If your partner is from a Greek background, here is the best combination you can go for. A glass of Zinfandel has got the rose petal and raspberry aromas that go well with soft, juicy and tasty lamb chops which are easier to make.
  1. Glass of Syrah with Beef tenderloin: Syrah is a blend of savory and spice that has got the spicy red & it’s hard to say no it for any occasion. Beef tenderloins sliced and topped with Cabernet sauce with a glass of Syrah is the best traditional pairing.
  1. Merlot with Portobello: The best vegetarian meal option is right here. Portobello mushrooms are stuffed with slices of squash, tomato, and mozzarella cheese. Merlot, a full bodied wine would go well with these veggies.
  1. Chocolate mousse with a glass of Zinfandel: Chocolate lovers! Here is the best option for you to have a great food with your loved one. A glass of Zinfandel with dark chocolate mousse with a mouth-watering is a delicious pair!
  1. Corivina with Sauvignon Blanc: Corvina is a white fish and if you are a fan of it then go ahead for this pair. The fish goes well with Sauvignon Blanc a sweet white wine.
  1. Pinot Noir with Duck sliders: Experience the new dish made with duck it goes well and blends with a variety of sweet and light red wine Pinot Noir. This would be the best choice for duck lovers.
  1. Glass of White Rioja with Crab cake: Here comes one more combination of crab. White Rioja is a white wine & it’s the best pair with a crab cake. This dish could be an appetizer.
  1. Shrimp miniature with a glass of Riesling: Spicy shrimp with Riesling a white wine with citrus flavor makes a great appetizer for your special occasions.

Use these amazing pairing of Wine and Food and get ready for a romantic meal.


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