We are aware that kids love cakes and especially personalized or decorated cakes. The taste does matter to them, but if you decorate it with their favourite cartoon characters, they will never deny munching.

With this technique in mind, you can make healthy and innovative cakes with healthy flours which the kids normally don’t prefer to eat.

Cakes Your Kids Are Never Gonna Say NoTo!

Some Cake that the Kids won’t say no

  • S’mores Mug Cake: This one of the easiest cakes to make. Kids love chocolate cakes. You can make them at home in just 2 simple steps. The ingredients are also easily available and healthy as you can use graham flour to make this cake. This is easy to make and taste delicious. Your kids will love this cake.
  • Mickey Mouse Cake: The name only makes kids love the cake. It is easy to make with few ingredients available at home. You can add healthy nuts, which your kid doesn’t eat. This provides them with some specific nutrients needed by the body.
  • Giant Chipwich Cake: This might sound a bit difficult, but it is one of the easiest cakes to make for kids. They are going to love this. You need maximum 3 ingredients and you are done. This can fill the stomach for some time and the kids will love to eat this instead of their boring routine food.
  • Gant Oreo Cake: This is on every kid’s favourite list. Oreos are loved by all ages. So, Oreo can be a good ingredient to include in desserts of kids. This is a bit time taking but definitely worth it.

How can cake provide nutrition to kids?

Nutrition for kids is really important. Kids like to eat junk foods, but you need to look out what healthy dish you can present them in a very attractive manner. Decoration or presentation of a dish makes a huge impact. So, you should replace few ingredients to make it healthy for the kids.

  • Opt for Low Carb Flour: You can add low carb flour instead of high carb flour in the cake. You can use flours like oat flour, coconut flour, soybean flour, etc. They have a lot of vitamins and proteins which helps the kids to grow.
  • Say it with some nuts: You can add cashew nuts, walnut, chestnuts, almond, etc., in a cake, which not only enhances the taste of the cake but also provides nutrients to your kid.
  • Lend a veggie twist: You can also add some vegetables and fruits which the kids don’t like to eat. When they get it in cake form they can’t reject it at all. Adding honey and some spices like cardamom, cinnamon will also enhance the taste and provide nutrient for the kid.

So these are a few ways which can help your kid get healthy cakes which they can’t deny. This way they won’t even get the ingredients what they are eating and will get the required amount of nutrient. Decorate the cake in such a way that they don’t get what are the ingredients in it.


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