Winter is here and you would want to keep your kids warm in every possible way. Soups make a good and healthy way to warm the body up is it chilly evenings or frosty mornings. Most children find soups boring because of all the vegetables and spices. But soup can be fun for children if made with a little alteration.

Children love combination food so if you serve the soup with bread crumbs or toasts then they may eat/drink it with more interest. You can also add cheese or butter for flavor and essence on occasions to make the soup more exciting for your kids.

These are a few simple recipes if your children are bored of the same old tomato soup and are demanding something new every day.

5 Soups Ideas for Kids

1. Tomato soup with ricotta

Tomato soups are old school now. They are a thing of the past and no one likes to have plain tomato soups these days. You can give the traditional tomato soup a little twist and flavor by adding a dash of red hot pepper and little ricotta for flavor. This addition of spices is surely going to spice your tomato soup up and your children will love the new alteration. You can serve the soup with croutons.

2. Creamy chicken sweet corn soup

Creamy soups are every child’s favorite and chicken soups as well. Creamy chicken sweet corn soup is easy to prepare and can very conveniently become a regular part of family meals be it dinner or lunch. This soup is sweet and can be made spicy at the same time with a touch of little black pepper. It can be prepared in a short interval of 20 minutes and hence can easily replace unhealthy evening snacks when served with toast. This soup is a fun to have soup and can never get boring because if it’s ingredients.

3. Sweet potato and carrot soup

If you are concerned that your child avoids vegetables and is not going to get essential nutrition required for his/her growth then you can prepare this soup and make sure that your child gets proper boost of vitamins. If you are a vegetarian and want your child to have a healthy evening snack then this soup fills in for that space very well. The plus point of this soup is that it is very easy and pretty fast to prepare and can also be served with mid-day meals.

4. Chinese noodle soup

If you want to give your child a treat along with nutrition then this is the right soup to prepare. This soup is a perfect concoction of Chinese flavor along with all the vegetables like peas and beans to provide perfect supplements to your child. You can even make it better by adding a little chicken to it.

5. Pasta soup

Pasta is something which is dear to all children. A hearty pasta soup is the best recipe you can prepare from pasta and vegetables if you want to give the boring vegetable soup an interesting twist. Just add pasta to the vegetable soup along with spicy flavor and you are good to go. Your children are going to lick the bowls for this one.



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