No matter how good your cake is baked, it is the frosting or the icing that gives it an irresistible look and makes it taste better. Although there are a number of ways to make the frosting that is usually made with chocolate, butter, sugar etc. However the kind of frosting you make for your cake actually depends on the taste, texture and flavour of your sponge. Making the right frosting for your cake is just a matter of experience and you don’t need an expert hovering over you or any special skills to achieve the desired results. Of the many popular frosting variants we are enlisting the top 3 recipes which are easy to make and can be used with various sponges.

One of the most well known fragrance or flavour when you discuss about sweets is the irresistible vanilla pod. The use of vanilla for making a frosting is the most popular because it goes well with a wide range of cakes and most importantly, children love it. So here is a basic Butter Cream Frosting that everyone will love followed by others that use chocolate as well.

3 Ways to Make Your Own Cake Frosting


List of Ingredients:

1 TSP Vanilla extract

½ cup softened Butter

3&1/2 cup powdered Sugar

½ Cup of Milk

Start by whisking the Vanilla and the Softened Butter until you have a light and Fluffy mix. Then start adding the powdered Sugar. At this stage observe the consistency of your mix. If it seems a little stiff, mix in some milk and if it seems a little too soft mix a bit of powdered Sugar.


List of Ingredients:

3 cups powdered sugar

1/3 cup softened butter

2 teaspoons of vanilla extract

½ cup of Milk

Take a bowl and whisk together the powdered sugar and butter. Take an electric mixer and mix these two at a slow speed. Add in vanilla and a spoon full of milk. Stir this gently into the mixture. Have a look at the consistency and add in the milk as per the requirement. If the mix seems a little runny then mix in powdered sugar till you get to the right consistency.


Ingredients needed

3 cups powdered sugar

½ cup butter, softened

1 tsp spoon vanilla extract

3 oz of melted chocolate

½ cup of Milk

Just as you did in the previous recipe, mix the powdered sugar and butter with a mixer at low speed, after this gently stir in the Vanilla and the Chocolate. Add in the powdered sugar while whisking continuously and check on the consistency of your mix. Add milk if you feel it is too tough and add more sugar if you fell it is runny. The key to a perfect frosting is to make sure it is at a spreadable consistency. It should be tough enough to hold its shape.

These three basic recipes go well with any sponge you want to pair it with. Use that elbow grease and your frosting will turn out perfect every single time!


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