Italy is one of the largest and the oldest wine-producing areas in the world. Italian wines are worldwide famous for their huge variety and add up to one-third of the total world wine production. As we all know that the fermented juice of grapes forms wine, it is estimated that grape cultivation is so common in Italy that there are millions of vineyards under cultivation. The wine grapes in Italy range up to 800 varieties.

Wine Tasting, The Italian Way!

Famous Italian wines

One of the finest and most famous wine growing regions in Italy has the ‘Piedmont’ region topping the list. This region processes some renowned wines like Barolo, Barbaresco, Moscato,and Asti. The Barolo and Barbaresco wineries have been named as the wine of Kings and Queens and are made from the Nebbiolo grapes. The international Slow Food Movement took birth in Piedmont itself. The University of Gastronomic sciences where this movement is held has a wine vault cool enough for a wine lover.

Next comes the Umbria in Italy which is bordered by Tuscany in the west. This place may not be a famous tourist spot but offers some wonderful red wines, made out of Sagrantino grapes. The city of Orvieto in southwestern Umbria produces the region’s best white Orvieto blend wine. We can find both sweet or dry white wine in this region which has a quite famous history of being Pope’s preferred wine.

The Tuscany region neighboring Umbria in its north-west side is famous for its wine production. The wine in this region is mainly processed out from Sangiovese grape. The common produce here is the Chianti wine which is quite famous among British tourists. Locals have also nicknamed this place as, “Chiantshire”.

Another white Italian wine which tourists cannot ignore is the Frascati wine named after a town in Italy called ‘Frascati’. This is found in the Tuscolana area which has always been there in the names of excellent regional wines. This wine is processed from the grapes of Malvasia and Trebbiano family. This wine dates back to the Roman Empire and was even termed as ‘Golden Wine’ by the early Romans. The Frascati wine can be an appropriate glass to be consumed as an Aperitif.

Lastly, the wines of Mt. Etna are regaining their names in the world of wines. The Vittoria region of Mt. Etna produces red wines that are a blend of Nero d’Avola and Frappata and is quite known for its light wines. Vittoria is the only wine region on the entire island that has received the status of DOCG.

We can find wines in local shops in Italy, even in the highway restrooms. The Italians take their wine and food quite seriously. Italy is a must visit for wine tasting and also for its authentic dishes. Your Europe trip would be nothing without a trip to Italy. Go wine tasting with your old friends because old wine and old friends are the best combination one can have. So, wine lovers, pack your bags and go wine tasting!


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