Mixology is an art. It is not new but still many people lack the skills of mixing due to absence of knowledge of how to mix just the right amount of drinks to make a cocktail. Be it any party or occasion, formal or casual, cocktails are the life of a party. You must know the art of crafting a perfect cocktail as per the occasion. There are a few tricks and tips which are involved in making of a perfect cocktail, which if followed, can make crafting a cocktail the easiest task in the world for you.

There are a few common steps in making all the cocktails which every bartender repeats while making one. You can even notice these steps if you watch them making a cocktail next time.  If you catch those steps then next time when you stir a drink for someone you surely will notice an improvement in the taste of your cocktail.

Tips to Make Cocktails like Pro

Let us look at a few knacks involved in the skill of making a perfect cocktail

Upgrade your liquor shelf

The first step toward making a tasty cocktail is to have all the required ingredients present in your shelf. Most of the cocktails use common liquors for making. But you must use better quality liquor for your cocktail to taste good. So first upgrade your alcohol cabinet by buying better brands.

Ingredients used must be fresh

If your cocktail requires other ingredients than alcohol, like olives, oranges, apples, lemons, lime or any other thing then make sure to use fresh ingredients. Stale or old ingredients can suppress the taste of your cocktail and make it taste different, even funky. Always make sure that you have fresh stock of required ingredients before throwing a party.

Matching the temperature of the glass and the drink

This might not seem like an important step but it is one of the essential steps involved in making a cocktail. For the drinks to be served chilled, the glass should be chilled too. If a chilled cocktail is served in a slightly warm glass or a glass at room temperature then it can bring down the temperature as well as the taste of the drink very quickly. For warm drinks like toddy, the glass must be warmed a little bit so that the temperature of the drink does not come down easily.


Every drink needs garnishing to amp up the taste of the drink. It can be garnished using any ingredient like lemon, lime or orange as per the flavour of the cocktail. Like gin and tonic generally need a lemon for the much needed hint of citrus taste and martini should be served with olives.

Quantity matters

The most important thing in making a cocktail is the quantity of each ingredient to be used. Most of the times people ignore the quantity and just craft the cocktail casually. But bartenders spend a lot of time in learning the right amount of ingredients that are to be mixed for getting that “perfect” taste. If put in wrong amounts, the taste of alcohol can alter a lot from the required taste. So be aware of the quantity always!


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