No matter what type of bread you use or what cheese you use, grilled sandwiches taste delicious irrespective of everything. A grilled sandwich is something which is loved by people of all age groups, not just because of its taste but also because they are easy to make and are a healthy snack food. The classic grilled cheese sandwich has seen many stories around the world and has travelled a lot to become everyone’s favorite food. Be it a small café or a big restaurant, the classic grilled cheese sandwich is never off the menu.

With modernization, the grilled cheese sandwich has also evolved and modern chefs have made it into a healthier and even tastier snack. By using different types of bread from around the world and various kinds of exotic cheese, the classic grilled cheese sandwich has now evolved to various scrumptious versions of itself.

A grilled cheese sandwich can be a healthy snack as well for someone who is trying to go low on calories. Here are 4 amazing grilled sandwiches to fuel your day and give your day a kick start.

4 Amazing Grilled Sandwiches to Fuel Your Day

1. The Smokey Black Bean grilled sandwich

If you are trying to eat healthily and maintain a proper balanced diet, then nothing can be better than starting your day with a smoky black bean grilled sandwich. This sandwich not only keeps you full for a longer period of time by providing you just the right amount of plant protein and fiber that your body needs but it also makes a tasty morning breakfast. All you need is one wholegrain bread slice (or any other healthy bread) and top it with mashed black beans, some red pepper slices, and some grated cheddar cheese and top it off with another slice of bread.

2. Beetroot Salmon grilled sandwich

If you want to eat a nutritious but non-boring breakfast then you can easily opt for beetroot salmon grilled cheese sandwich. All you need is one slice of a multigrain bread and top it off with smoked salmon, some lemon juice, a layer of cream cheese, and some sliced and roasted beetroot and top it off again with another slice of bread. You can also apply another layer of cream cheese if you wish to up your calories a little bit. Beetroot provides your body with nitrates and salmon provides omega fats which help you improve your muscle strength.

3. Chicken fig sandwich

Roasted chicken and fig are another way of making your grilled sandwich interesting. The ingredients you need to prepare this sandwich are fig preserve, some finely chopped rosemary, roasted chicken slice, spinach, fontina (or any other) cheese and multigrain bread. The combination of roasted chicken and fig provide you with protein and also help in making your bones strong.

4. Steak and kimchee sandwich

Steaks provide your body with energy as it contains a lot of iron and the probiotics in kimchee help you in keeping your guts strong. The ingredients you need to make this energy-rich sandwich are multigrain bread, Havarti cheese, thin slices of cooked steak and chopped kimchee.


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