Mexico smells of spices and herbs. Mexico City offers tempting food items for food lovers. It is truly stated that Mexico City is a brilliant choice when it comes to food. The city is known for its incredibly diverse flavors. Mexico City serves so many yummy food options that you just cannot decide a limit while you want to eat.

People have many misapprehensions about the food of Mexico. They think that Mexico only delivers food like burritos, refried beans and tacos, well Mexico offers this just for a start. Do not let the journey of Mexico be incomplete without indulging in the Mexican cuisine.Let us scratch the surface of this cosmopolitan city food flavors.

5 Mexican Items for A Foodie

Here are some best food items you would love to rejoice your taste buds.


Pambazo is a white Mexican bread mainly used in sandwiches. Pambazo is also the famous Mexican sandwich. It is dipped in red chili sauce. This Mexican sandwich is stuffed with shredded beef, cheddar, mozzarella cheese, fried potatoes, beans, and olives. This is the not-to-be-missed dish.


This dish is served in a traditional stone bowl called Manchego and this is a Mexican version of mortar and pestle. It is usually used as a serving bowl as it keeps the food warm and represents the tradition also. This dish is filled with spicy and tomatillo sauce with deep fried manchego cheese sticks. This is served by putting cheese into a flour tortilla to eat.


It is the most famous dish in Mexico served mainly for breakfast. This dish is stuffed with corn tortilla chips which have layering of scrambled eggs, chicken, and beans. It has a topping of chili flakes, avocado, onions and green chilies also. This dish can be prepared with sauces that add cheese and cream to it.


This is the most popular dish in Mexico and is known as one of the national dishes. It is close to the heart of Mexicans. The mole means chili. Mole Poblano is the thick and delicious dish, which is mainly served with meat. It comprises many types of ground chili sauces that also include pasilla and anchor. It also serves many other types of spices and ingredients that add flavor to Mole Poblano. And it has chocolates, tomatoes and chicken stock which taste incredible. Mole poblano is also known as a Mole in other regions of Mexico.


Taco is the Mexican-Spanish word, which literally means plug. Tacos are the most famous all over the world and are served with dipped cheese. Mexico also serves tacos but nevertheless is the same. Tacos here in Mexico is the traditional dish served with filled meat, seafood, cheese or chicken and spiff up with salsa, cilantro, avocado, onion, tomato, and lettuce. They look like half-moon shape. There are many different types of tacos like barbacoa, mole and much more with different stuffing inside.


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