For some people is a legal drug, however, too much of anything is not good. If you are someone who has been drinking coffee for past couple of years in the normal manner, it is time for you to upgrade it. One of the major ingredients that you can change in your coffee is the creamer. Most creamers available in the market are unhealthy but we have got you covered as we are introducing some of the best alternatives to the traditional creamer in this article.

Below we have listed some of the natural coffee creamer alternatives and some healthy coffee creamers available in the market.

7 Healthiest Creamers for Your Coffee

1. Cocoa butter

You may be someone who does not have a dollop of butter in your morning coffee, which is very common. What if we say that cocoa butter can be added to your coffee? Cocoa butter is a healthier version of your regular coffee creamer.

2. Collagen powder

Want some anti-aging dose in your morning drink? If yes, add some collagen powder in your coffee and cut out the coffee creamer. The powder will make no major difference in the overall taste but will give your body a bit of protein and will also keep your skin youthful.

3. Honey

People have been associating honey with hot tea for several years and honey can also be added to your coffee as well. By adding honey you will make your drink super healthy as it will act as an excellent natural alternative to coffee creamer and sugar.

4. Trader Joe’s Original coffee creamer

Trader’s Joe is known for making plant-based coffee creamer. Their coffee creamers are made out of organic coconut milk and can be added to everything starting from tea, smoothies to coffee. According to people regularly using this product, it makes the coffee a healthy treat without adding any sugar or fat.

5. Dairy free creamer by Nutpods:

The brand is well-known for manufacturing plant-based coffee creamers without a long list of preservatives. You can always switch your daily unhealthy coffee creamer with this and make is way healthier. The brand manufactures gluten-free, paleo-friendly and healthy coffee creamer.

6. Organic Soy Milk by Now Foods:

Do you want a creamer which you carry along with you wherever you go? Though cafes these days offer non-dairy creamer some do not. This product will be a great help for someone who is on the go and needs a coffee creamer.

7. Coffee-mate natural bliss creamer:

This is one of the most popular and loved coffee creamer around the world. Coffee-mate has been offering various flavors to make your coffee taste even better. The brand has now started producing plant-based coffee creamer under their natural bliss line. For making the plant-based creamer the brand is using non-GMO and very minimal ingredients. They are offering two variants – almond milk and coconut milk. The flavors which are available are caramel almond milk, vanilla almond milk, sweet crème coconut milk, hazelnut almond milk.


Thereby these were our top 7 picks for healthy coffee creamer.



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