Merely hitting the gym on a regular basis is not enough if you are aiming for that chiselled physique and six-pack abs. Your diet needs to be rich in healthy protein if you want to lose the excess fat rapidly. Protein helps in the development of muscles and beats hunger as well. This does not necessarily mean that you have to stuff your face with whey and soy drinks that taste like crap and make you feel awful in the mouth. Here are ten foods that are not only rich in protein content to boost your diet and your body-building exercises, but are also quite delicious and savoury! This list will take you beyond steamed chicken breast and expensive protein powders.

10 Delicious Protein Products

1. Eggs

Whether hard-boiled, sprinkled with salt and pepper, or scrambled, eggs are rich in amino acid content. Try eggs that contain omega 3 fatty acid to boost the nutritive content of your daily breakfast.

2. Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is healthy and delicious. Be it a midnight snack or a between-the-meals tuck-in, let your go-to protein-rich refreshment be a thick spread of cottage cheese on brown bread.

3. Boneless pork chop

This food is steeped in amino acids and is fabulously savory! Let the raw chops get marinated in salt water which will make the meat more tender and juicy. Cooked boneless pork chops is a sound muscle-developer.

4. Roasted beef

Roasted lean beef is delicious and saturated in protein content. Make a roasted beef sandwich with cheese and onions for a heavy evening snack for your regular dose of rich and delicious protein.

5. Mixed nuts

If you are a vegan, then a mixture of various nuts like almonds, cashews, peanuts, pecans make a rich and crunchy breakfast, high in protein and quite tasty too. Go for the unsalted variety of nuts to be cautious about excess sodium ingestion. Nuts contain healthy unsaturated fatty acids that won’t make you flabby and lethargic.

6. Sweet peas and pulses

Sweet peas are good sources of vegetable proteins. Sweet peas can be consumed in their raw form, or boiled in hot water and dabbed with a little butter that enhances its taste greatly. Sweet peas can be added to chicken soup to enrich its protein content. Every fifteen calories of sweet peas contain one gram of proteins. All legumes are rich in amino acids. Dried lentils when simmered into a light soup, and tossed in with diced chicken and chopped veggies, boost your diet with proteins as well as vitamins.

7. Mushrooms

Mushroom is perhaps the richest plant protein available. For every serving of less than forty calories, the protein content is as high as four grams. Mushrooms are also a good source of the mineral Selenium which is essential for development of muscles

8. Oats

A generous serving of oats is rich in proteins and fiber content. Its protein value is as much as that of an egg. Begin your day with a healthy oatmeal breakfast and lose your excess body fat rapidly.

9. Boiled turkey breast

This meat will literally inject proteins into your body while keeping calorie consumption in check. Marinate the meat overnight in brine to make it tender and juicy before cooking. Season it with herbs and spices for a tasty turkey lunch.

10. Sardines

Sardine fish contains twenty-one grams of proteins in 3 oz. of servings. If eaten with a serving of boiled mashed potatoes and sizzled vegetables, sardines make a good source of protein.


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