With the cruel winter snow slowly melting away with the lovely warmth of summer, that’s just around the corner, it is that time of the year again to start indulging in ice-creams and popsicles to cool off and feel all happy and self-pampered.

Here are the 10 new and delicious ice-cream flavours that will totally make your day! Indulge your sweet tooth with these 10 different flavours, decadent and delightful!

1. Chocolate marshmallows ice-cream

This is a delectably sinful combination of soft, sweet marshmallow and rich chocolate mousse. It is perfect for summer camps and late-night sweet cravings. Try this combo with a waffle chocolate cone to enhance the glossy, rich flavour.

10 New Ice-Cream Flavours to Make Your Day

2. Coffee

If you are looking for a dessert that is neither too sweet nor bitter like dark chocolate, then let coffee flavour be your first choice of ice-cream. Its smoky flavour tickles your suppressed sensuality and makes you crave for more. You can even whip up a dollop of coffee ice-cream at home with sweet condensed milk, coffee liqueur, and fresh heavy cream.

3. Cookies and Cream

This is a traditional yet highly popular flavour if ice-crea, much loved, rich and delicious. The ice-cream consists of fresh and cool vanilla ice-cream mixed with broken bits and crumbles of chocolate cookies or chocolate wafers. Of late, Oreo dark chocolate cookies are being crushed and mixed with rich and thick vanilla ice-cream to produce the quintessential cookies and cream flavour.

4. Strawberry

Strawberry flavour is age-old but it never goes out of the popularity list among ice-cream lovers. The celebrated pinkish ice-cream is made from fresh, sweet and crushed strawberry pulp, vanilla, condensed milk and fresh cream.

5. Butter Pecan

This is perhaps the most popular flavour in the ice-cream parlour. A prominent flavour of the United States, molten brown butter topping is its signature flavour. Butter pecan ice-cream consists of chopped and roasted pecan nuts, cream of vanilla, and a thick and crispy coating of creamy butter. It is even mixed with crumbled cookies to enrich its delectableness.

6. Banana and Caramel

This ice-cream consists of mashed and pureed bananas blended in with vanilla cream and condensed milk and added with a dash of rich and salted sauce of smoky caramel. The combination is smooth and delightful!

7. Chocolate molten cake

This is a hot combination of chewy chocolate cake with thick and fresh and fudge-soft swirl of chocolate cream.

8. Black cherry chocolate chip

Sweet and black cherries are crushed and stirred in with dark and bitter sweet Choco chips in rich smooth berry flavoured ice-cream.

9. Vanilla fudge ripple

This ice-cream is gooey and luscious, rich in soft, whipped French vanilla ice-cream and smoky, caramel sauce and dashed with chocolate syrup like a ripple all over the dollops.

10. Neapolitan

Also referred to as the Harlequin ice-cream, the Neapolitan ice-cream is known for the way its arranged side by side in a container- chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. This dessert has a beautiful Italian origin in the nineteenth century and has a simple, yet wonderful taste.


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