Baking cake is a hobby which most of us cherish. Everyone with a sweet-tooth loves baking and eating a tasty cake. But at times it happens that you are stuck with same ingredients for a long time and the same recipe starts getting boring.

Sometimes you feel the need to replace a few ingredients but don’t know how to. It also happens that you buy an ingredient in a large amount but only use one or two spoons of it and then it goes to waste. While you can easily substitute or swap ingredients in cooking, baking does not leave a lot of scope for replacing ingredients.

Be happy because there is a thing called ingredient substitution, which you can do make your cake taste different, better and tastier. There are some simple swaps you can make like replacing your wet ingredients with dry ones; for example, replacing oil with butter. Or changing the ratio of wet and dry ingredients also works. Like, using honey instead of sugar.

You can alter the amount of sweet in a cake but there is nothing you can do to replace the sweetness. You can try mixing same ingredients in different ratio or sequence if you want a slight change in the taste of your cake.

Top 5 Ingredients Substitutes for Your Cake

If you are bored of using same ingredients every time and are not able to find many replaceable ingredients, then here are 5 substitute ingredients which you can use to give a twist to your baking recipe and make your cake interesting.

Buttermilk, crème Fraiche, yogurt, labneh and sour cream

You can do juggling these ingredients to change the consistency of your batter. As long as you are willing to alter the thickness of your product then you can very well consider replacing any of these ingredients with other. You will get different consistency with each of these products which will finally alter the taste of your cake.

Vegetable oil and olive oil

If you want a strong flavour of oil then you may as well use olive oil. Replacing butter with oil can change the flavour of your cake in a considerable amount. Try doing it once. If you like it then well and good and if not then try doing something else next time.

Granulated sugar, raw sugar, brown sugar, turbinado and muscovado

Altering the sweetness of the cake can also bring a huge change in the taste of the cake. Some of these sugars are more drying than other; hence you must take care of the amount you are putting in the batter. Try adding some extra flour to counteract the flavour.

Various flours

Replacing normal flour with different kinds of flours can change the texture and flavour of the cake. Some flours can make your cake hard and crispy while others will help in baking a soft cake. Take care of the amount you are putting in to prevent any mishap.

Applesauce, pumpkin puree, mashed bananas and pear sauce

You can alter the ingredients keeping in mind that each of these is sweet on different levels and can alter the flavour considerably as well.


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