Cookies, puddings, chocolates, muffins – I bet your mouth is watering already, isn’t it? A tasty dessert is a happy aftermath of a delicious meal and something we couldn’t literally share with anyone else. There are times when we even keep these desserts handy in our fridge for a quick grab. But why do we have to pay a price for everything that’s enjoyable or tasty in this scenario? No matter how heartedly we love sweet desserts; we all know how these lip-smacking desserts are hazardous to our health. But wait, we might have a couple of tricks for you to make your desserts healthier. Let’s check them out:

1. Ditch the White Flour:

Most of those delicious cakes and pastries require white flour as one of their major ingredients. Since the white flour is overly processed; it is quite inclined to the unhealthy side. Fret not, here’s the trick – you can replace the white flour with whole-wheat flour in all your recipes to make them much healthier. Since whole-wheat is rich in fiber quantity as compared to the white flour counterpart, it is always considered as a healthier option to pick.

You would hardly notice the difference between the two in the final outcome.

How to Make Your Desserts Healthier

2. Replace butter with applesauce:

To make your dessert healthier, you cannot trust butter or oil both of which are highly containedin calories. The good news is that you have applesauce for a safer option! Pectin is a form of fiber that is highly contained in applesauce which makes it much healthier of an option for your desserts. Moreover, apple being rich in the contents of Vitamin C gives applesauce the edge. In fact, applesauce is quite sweet in itself which makes it even more appropriate to use as an ingredient for desserts.

3. Replace sugar with no-sugar-fruit juice:

This might seem absolutely unnecessary but you would be totally amazed to know the added health benefits of substituting sugar with no-sugar fruit juices. Talking about availability, these fruit juices can be easily prepared at home itself. In fact, some diced fruits such as diced mangoes would do the job completely well if your dessert get too high on its sugar quantity. You can always trust on fruits being healthy and when they substitute something like sugar in a dessert, consider your dessert to be the healthiest.

4. Use some dark chocolates:

Raise your hand if you don’t like chocolates and desserts made out of chocolate as an ingredient. Well, I don’t see any hand rising. You can always go for some dark chocolates to put in your dessert. Not only it would make them a lot tastier but will also reduce the extra sweetness which can be unhealthy for some people. While picking dark chocolates, make sure that they have at least 70% cocoa content in them. Also, eating something that has dark chocolate in it can also improve your blood pressure and also helps in regulating blood flow.


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