Who doesn’t love living on the spicy side of the delicacy experimentation? Be it to spice up your occasion or to simply give the taste of wildness to your taste-buds; spicy foods are simply incomparable. Spicy foods are also one way of taking a break from the same old grilled sandwiches and diet salads.

Given below are the world’s spiciest foods. Enjoy!

Delectable spicy foods from across the globe to make your mouth water

Sichuan Hot Pot

Sichuan hot pot is one of the spiciest foods in the world, hailing from Sichuan. The dish is most-loved in the countries of China and Mongolia as well. The preparation comprises of Sichuan pepper tossed with raw vegetable and meat pieces, followed by garlic broth and onion.

Top Spicy Foods From All Over the World

Tom Yum

A specialty of Thailand, Tom Yum is basically a spicy soup which is earning plaudits for its extraordinary taste all across the world. The raw heat and the incomparable taste of the soup are sure to turn you on. The soup is best complimented with seafood or spicy chicken delicacies.

Phaal Curry

Referred to as the world’s spiciest curry, Phaal curry includes a myriad of 10 pepper types; BhutJolokia (the hottest pepper in the world, being one of them). The restaurants serving the curry awards a certificate of recognition to those special customers who are able to finish off a whole bowl of Phaal curry.

Jerk Chicken

Carribean’s Jerk Chicken is not only fiery but is also delicious to the brim. The dish is prepared from the three best Caribbean spices and ingredients, like scallions, thyme, garlic, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves.

Griot with Sauce Ti-Malice

This is dish hails from Haiti and is made from pork shoulder and is known as one of the spiciest in the world. The dish is soaked in apple cider vinegar, habanero chili peppers, diced bonnets, Haitian hot sauce etc.

Papa A La Huancaina

Papa A La Huancaina is a famous Peruvian delicacy and is also one of the spiciest in the whole of the world. The salad comprises of yellow boiled potatoes which are served cold garnished with black olives and lettuce in a creamy Huancaina sauce. The Amarillo chili pepper in the sauce makes it spicier.

Bibimbap with Kimchi

This South Korean spicy dish is loaded with chilies, ginger, onion, garlic and pickled cabbage. Kimchi is generally prepared in heavy pots made of clay and are buried under the earth for fermentation, for a month or so.

Suicide Chicken Wings

This particular spicy dish from the United States got its name as ‘spicy’ for a reason; it’s quite hot. The dish is generally steeped in an amazing combination of chopped chilies, Tabasco sauce, and hot pepper flakes.


Yellow chili pepper or CauCau is the wild-version of potato and tripe stew from all its surrounding countries and is a prime ingredient used in causa Orellana and ceviche dishes.

Be it for experimentation or to simply document a ‘spicy experience’, tasting few of the above given spicy foods are but a necessity. Dare it, and taste them, atleast once in your life.


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