It is true when we say ‘Food is Love, Love is Food’- there is a deep relationship between food and happiness which brings about a change in chemistry in the brain. Both eating and cooking food gives immense pleasure. Eating is one of the most beautiful sensual pleasure, the shortcut to a happy life is “Eat good, feel good.” From tucking into a juicy steak to indulging yourself in a bowl of ice-cream- the joy cannot be described in words. Food not only gives pleasure but it is proved that some food such as chocolates, ice-cream helps to reduce depression but helps you to gain weight as well.

Each region of the world has its own food habit depending on the climate and available grains there. Different countries have different food habits and sometimes they are known for some of their famous dishes, it exhibits their legacy and tradition. Likewise in the Western part of the world, the USA possess pride in many of their dishes. They celebrate many national holidays and they have a separate menu set for different occasions which make the celebration merrier and more delicious.

Mouthwatering Dishes for Every Occasion

Five such occasions and the major food taken on those days are as followed:-

Thanksgiving Day

Though Thanksgiving Day has a history, nowadays it celebrated as a day on which we take the privilege to thank those people who help us in one or other way and we take them for granted. This is also a day to gobble up so many good foods. This special meal is incomplete without Turkey Roast-prepared whole, stuffed with fruits, vegetables, sausages and other stuffing and then roasted and covered with seasoning. Then you can include mashed potato mixed with butter, garlic, a gravy and cranberry sauce. You can add Corn on Cob and Corn Bread as staples. You can have a mushroom stew named Green Bean Casserole and Candied Yams (sweet potatoes) too. For deserts have Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Pie.

Christmas Eve

After Thanksgiving Day arrives Christmas Eve which is celebrated in every corner of the world in several manners. In the USA this is also a feast of food. The dishes which you have there on Thanksgiving remain same on this occasion as well. Added to that you can have beef, ham, and pork as other meat, squash or root vegetables and the most common desert you should have is the Plum Pudding or Christmas Pudding, it’s a must. Mince Pie is also taken on Christmas Eve.


“Halloween may be the only American holiday that is not associated with a particular feast of a recipe”-yet they eat some particular food to mark this occasion such as Pumpkins and Turnips, Nuts, Cake, candy apple, candy corn, candy pumpkin, apple cider and apple pie.

St. Patrick’s Day

Meat and Potato are the basic food ingredients for this celebration. You can have the delicious Shepard’s Pie made of beef, vegetables, and mashed potato; Colcannon, a mixture of cabbage and mashed potato and bacon or sometimes corned beef to substitute that. You should also have not-too-sweet Irish Soda Bread. One more thing you should not avoid on this day is Irish Boxty or Potato Pancake and Dublin Coddle.


Ham is a traditional food of Easter in the USA. Apart from that, Hot Cross Buns and Simnel Cake are some of the traditional dishes for this occasion. As Eggs play a big role in Easter, dishes made with Egg are very popular such as- Depp fried Crème Filled Eggs, Chocolate Crème Filled Eggs, Quiche, Casseroles, Devilled Egg and the most innovative and cheesy among all- Hrudka-Slavik Egg.

These are just a few examples of many more delicious dishes taken on particular occasions. The USA also made Pizza, Burgers and Fried Chicken a household name all over the country and made them the most famous fast food. We all aware of the food chains popularized by the USA like KFC, McDonald’s, and Dominos. Henceforth, USA has a great place in the world for their famous dishes in both the category- traditional food and fast food.


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