To stay healthy, you do not necessarily need to follow a diet regime. A normal diet is enough to ensure good physical and mental health. But it needs to be combined with a number of other factors apart from being well balanced. These important factors and points that you should keep in mind include the following: – 

(1) Eat a balanced diet

This is the most important point to remember while planning any meal. Each of them should include proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. You can make them appetizing by trying different flavor combinations but it is important to keep nutrition in mind. Most meals should be healthy and good for you. But once in a while indulging yourself is also a good idea. This will lessen cravings and ensure that such foods remain special and are to be had infrequently. Proper healthy well-balanced tasty food also reduces snaking, as you feel satiated and happy after having it.

How To Stay Healthier Without Getting Into Diet Regime?

(2) Have a good breakfast

A good hearty breakfast is important as it sets the tone for the rest of the day. As it is the first meal, a good start ensures good energy levels right to the end of the day. It should include a mixture of cereal, milk, egg, fruits, and vegetables. A good energy level keeps you in a good mood and helps you to remain healthy and perform well. Heath includes both physical and mental health, and maintenance of both is equally important. This,in turn, leads to good performance, success,and opportunities to move up in life. This makes you feel accomplished and happy and increases mental as well as physical wellbeing.

(3) Plan a number of small meals throughout the day

Planning allows you to think about flavors that you like and how you can combine them. It also helps you to be creative, experiment and discover unique flavor combinations. You can achieve this by reading cookbooks, searching the internet, and then conceptualizing and making your own recipes. This will make each meal delicious and something to look forward to and be satisfied with. Dividing them into several small meals and timing them increases satiation and prevents snaking. This ensures that you remain healthy and content, without any unnecessary weight gain.

(4) Exercise well 

Physical exercise produces endorphins or “happy molecules” which make you feel happy and good about life. It also maintains your physical health and fitness levels by keeping your weight under control. A good figure means that you can wear a variety of clothes in different combinations and look good in each. This further increases mental satisfaction and makes you feel good about yourself. This increases your confidence and helps you to do well. 

(5) Sleep properly

A good sleep routine is important as it ensures that you have the required amount of rest to remain healthy. About seven to eight hours of sleep at night is recommended. This means proper restful sleep and going to bed and waking up at a fixed time. Getting into bed earlier rather than later and reading a pleasant storybook before falling asleep are good ideas.

The latter helps to calm your mind and relax while the former ensures you wake up on time. Both combined to ensure a good night sleep and help you maintain proper sleeping and waking times. This,in turn, helps you to maintain good health and a good mood and to perform to your fullest potential.

Thus, a combination of the above is indispensable in enabling you to maintain your physical and mental health and wellbeing. Different diets can require the elimination of various aspects of a ‘normal meal’, which could have detrimental effects on your health. Unless specifically stated by your doctor, it is good to include all types of food in your diet.

This means a balance of fruits, vegetables, poultry, meat, eggs, dairy and dairy products, nuts, legumes,and seeds. This ensures and also allows you to maintain good health and wellbeing throughout life.


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