A party without alcohol is but a meeting. Alcohols buoy-up any given celebration and is enjoyed worldwide. Why limit yourself to the same old brands, when you can treat your soul with sweeping options. Alcohol lover or not, there are few brands and alcohol flavors that you must give a shot. We have put together the best of all alcohols from various countries, to help make your celebrations and occasions better.

Good luck knowing the best alcohols from across the globe, that need to be tried atleast once.

Alcohol Across The World That Must Be Tried At least Once In Lifetime!

Top-Ranked and most-loved alcohols from around the globe that is a must drink

Bourbon (USA)

Bourbon hails from America and is basically fermented grains that are approximately 51% corn. The quintessential beverage of America remains one of the hot-favorites, as because it can be drunk in a myriad of ways; be it straight up, age-old way or in Hot Toddy. Also, the people of America observe National Heritage Month on the month of September every year.

Caipirinha (Brazil)

It’s made with lime, sugar, andcachaca. The alcohol is usually too citrusy to hide the fact that it’s quite boozy.

Sangria (Spain)

It is what you call as brandy, red wine or cut fruit. The alcohol derived its name after the effin word-‘bloodletting’, courtesy of the color. The alcohol isn’t to be mistaken with Mangria.


Walter Chell, the manager of the restaurant, Calgary Resident initially invented the alcohol to commemorate the launch of a new restaurant specializing in Thai delicacies in the Calgary Inn. The alcohol is said to have reminded Calgary of the Spaghetti AlleVongole they prepared in Venice.

Soju (Korea)

This particular spirit is basically a transparent and colorless barley, wheat or rice spirit. The term Soju actually means ‘burnt liquor” and is generally taken neat. The restaurants that have got no bar licences usually uses Soju in place of cocktails or vodka. Also, Jinro, a product of Soju is one of highest-alcohol selling brand in the entire world.

Ouzo (Greece)

Ouzo is actually the remnants of grape which is then flavored with anise along with other spices. Ouzo is served with small plates of grilled olives, octopuses, and fried potatoes. Ouzo can be taken neat with a small amount of water.

Rum Swizzle (Bermuda)

Rum swizzle is a light rum, dark rum, pineapple, lemon, Falernum, Angostura, and OJ. Swizzles have been here since a while, and most of all tend to associates run swizzle with The Swizzle Pub, the favorite pub of Michael Douglas, which was the first to sell a Swizzle back in 1932.

Brennivin (Iceland)

It’s an unsweetened schnapps, a gin flavored with cumin, caraway, and angelica. The name means ‘burning wine’ and is one of the best descriptions for hard liquor you can ever find. The process of fermentation of Brennivin is with shark meat.

Urga (Kenya)

Urga can be termed as banana beer because they are made of bananas. And believe it or not, bananas make the best beers in the world. You would be astonished to know that Urga helps you run well in marathons.

Get your backpacks on your shoulders and head to the various countries to get a taste of their special alcohol. Not much of food-traveler? Never mind. There are a plethora of online stores selling some best alcohols. Go get them purchased and taste the world sitting at home. Happy Boozing!


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