Good food and good wine – these two things can make a dinner date more than perfect. And if the bottle of wine comes down from your own wine cellar, that can make an incredible first impression on the other person.

However, choosing the best bottle of wine can be a daunting task at times; especially if you are a first-timer. And trust us when we say this, a good wine is neither old nor expensive. So how do you know which one is the best to enhance your mood and taste bud?

For the starters, it is complex and deep; and the taste stays with you for long – and now you probably are thinking, there are too many of them – how can someone choose the best one out of those? Well, here are 5 tips on how to choose the best one

5 Ways to Select the Best Wine

1. The Back of the Label Matters a Lot

Let’s just face it! We all are guilty of buying things if it looks appealing to our eyes. But, when it comes to choosing a bottle of wine, we need to be very choosy. The first appearance can be deceiving. Read the back of the label to understand the flavor, potential pairings and body of the bottle. Many times expressions like “table wine” or “blend” can turn out to be quite cheaper for you. But wine taste rather bland and unbalanced. Such brands use different kinds and varieties of grapes from a wide area to make the wine; which probably was not really suitable for wine-making.

2. Keep The Food in Mind While Buying the Bottle of Wine

Honestly, it is hard to remember all these. But it is extremely important to keep in mind how rich or strongly flavored your meal is. However, the concept of “white with fish and red with meat” is far too old now. All you need to care about these days is that the food and wine should complement each other. Few tips –

If the wine is described as rich, complex, deep, full-bodied or densely layered, then it is best with heavy meals like meat.

If the wine is described as refreshing, light, crisp or balanced, it is perfect for lighter meals like vegetables, salad or pasta.

3. Let Your Food Be Your Guide

The kind of food that you are going to eat plays a huge role in your wine selection procedure. For instance, if you are planning to eat something spicy for dinner, the wine flavor should be a sweeter one. A great example is, sweet red wines go well with spicy food and white woody wines complement creamy foods.

4. Do Your Research

If you are buying the bottle of wine for a special purpose, it is better you do a little research. Although many people believe that older wines are always better, it is not entirely too. The age of the wine does matter at times, but remember that every wine ages differently. And most of the times, vintage wines are expensive and therefore you should research well. Read reviews online or take suggestions from your friends before investing in a good wine.

5. Keep Your Choice in Mind

Your choice matters. And you should not compromise with that. If you are a wine lover, you surely know which one is the best one for you. Stick to it. It is okay to listen to your heart.


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