You do not have to be a pro to cook your meals in a rush. But sometimes, we need to learn a few tricks from professionals on how to create an amazing dinner platter.

Cooking is not merely an art of patience; it also requires a lot of skills, dedication, love and passion. It doesn’t matter if you are a new chef or you have been working for a while in the kitchen. If you are dedicated enough, you can easily learn all the cooking hacks.

Different people like to cook in different ways. They have their own sets of rules and regulations that they follow in their kitchen. However, there are certain ground rules about cooking a perfect meal that are followed universally. Here are a few ground rules that you can work on as of now if you wish to cook like a professional chef

5 Ways You Can Cook Like a Professional Chef

1. Cook With Higher Heat

Many people are not comfortable in cooking with high heat. But, this is a very important tip to follow. Medium heat will not sear the steak properly, or often vegetables become quite mushy if you do not cook them fast enough. Therefore, you should ensure that you are cooking them on a high heat, constantly checking so that your food doesn’t burn.

2. Keep Everything Ready Beforehand

You must have watched Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minutes Meals. Now, do you think he prepares everything while cooking? That isn’t possible. A chef is smart. He prepares everything beforehand and continues to add the ingredients. Keep your onions diced, your spaghetti cooked, your vegetables cut and separate all your ingredients at least half an hour before you start cooking.

3. Use Home-Made Food Items, For Better Taste

Every chef believes in using homemade items. Whether it’s a fish or chicken stock or a glass of maple syrup – they prefer everything homemade. So unless it is extremely urgent, or you are not sure how to make these at home, you should use homemade items. They are rich in flavor and taste better than the canned goods.

4. Let Your Meat Rest Properly

Many people seem to be very impatient while cooking meat. Although, waiting might seem like the toughest job when you have a delicious, juicy piece of steak in front of you; slicing it as soon as it is cooked may ruin the taste of the meat entirely. When you cook steak, the juice or the liquid sets at the center of the meat. If you let the meat rest, the juice will distribute evenly and that will bring out the best taste.

5. Use Fresh Herbs and Spices to Enhance the Taste

The real taste lies behind the ingredients, herbs and spices that you use. Fresh herbs are always better. They deliver amazing results when used in the kitchen and your food tastes incredible. Dried herbs, however, offer a distinct result. If you can, start using fresh herbs. Start your own small garden of kitchen herbs like thyme, basil and rosemary.


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